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Collaborative Competition: A Strategic Mindset
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Collaborative Competition: A Woman's Guide to Succeeding while Competing Kathryn's new book, "Collaborative Competition: A Woman's Guide to Succeeding by Competing" is out now! To read an excerpt, click here.

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In today's business world, mastering competition is a key to success. As a veteran of the investment banking and management consulting industries, Kathryn Mayer, CEO of KC Mayer Consulting, Inc. (KCM) understands the vital role competition plays in a company's and an individual's growth and success. Fundamental to the KCM approach is a proprietary leadership development model, Collaborative CompetitionTM, which is founded on the principle that competition is first and foremost an opportunity to learn, Collaborative Competition evolve, and excel, and it can be an enjoyable experience. Collaborative CompetitionTM engages individuals in competition to foster strategic collaboration. In the business world, many professionals fall into the trap of seeing competition as cutthroat and threatening. They try to succeed by avoiding mistakes rather than exploring possible synergies. Collaborative CompetitionTM cultivates a strategic mindset that helps individuals discover how to leverage their competitive advantage.


KCM provides sophisticated and customized leadership development solutions. It partners with an organization's leadership and key human resource professionals to identify necessary systemic changes to create a collaborative environment that inspires and sustains growth. Through customized training for groups and coaching programs for individuals, employees find their strengths and personal styles and learn how to manage both for the long-term and day-to-day perceptions. They become proactive thinkers who are better informed of a company's strategy and goals. The cumulative impact on the company's morale and improved culture is exponentially compelling.