K.C. Mayer Consulting, Inc.

"Kathryn brings a very unique approach compared to other consultants. I believe she dug deeper to help me understand my strengths and weaknesses. It has really stuck with me beyond our formal sessions. I remember her guidance often when reflecting on how to improve my performance."
Gillian Munson, VP Fortune 1000 company

KCM takes a multi-disciplinary approach drawing from its expertise in business, management development, cognitive psychology, executive coaching, sports psychology, and theatrical techniques. Individuals have the opportunity to practice new ideas through hands-on scenarios and improvisation exercises. The exercises help men and women make strategic changes including: KC Mayer overcoming perfectionism, managing setbacks, discovering and leveraging their career strengths, addressing their weaknesses, and establishing and nurturing relationships. In addition, KCM draws upon its rich resource network of experts in public relations, media training, presentation skills, communication, voice, image management, executive coaches, diversity, sports, and management. Often, it collaborates with its network and integrates other services into its customized training and coaching solutions. The overall goal is to expand clients' abilities to be strategic leaders.

What distinguishes the KCM approach is:

  • Clarity of focus. A clear definition of the issues is the first step in designing customized training and coaching programs.
  • Context based. Our approach is grounded in business needs, organization culture, and individual challenges that are based in the immediate work situation.
  • KC Mayer
  • Extensive skills practice. Development of emotional intelligence and leadership skills requires hands-on practice on real work-challenges.
  • Measurable. For coaching assignments, criterion for success is established early in the assignment, 360-degree feedback is typically gathered, goals are reviewed at the midpoint, and a final plan is developed. In training and speaking engagements, objectives are established and measured through immediate and follow-up evaluation measures.
  • Extended impact. The aim is to sustain learning and behavioral changes through ongoing feedback and coaching. Pacing PartnersTM program provides an action plan and creates accountability.